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tv   Arizona Nightly News  NBC  November 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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what is best for taxpayers and safety. >> but tent stickings almost 9 million a your. -- city is costing really 9 million a year. although the one time the county said there was plenty of rooms in the jail. he was known for planning media stunts. those could but what about the pink under wear. penzone hasn't said if he would keep them or not. he has said it's a new day when he takes over. >> i'm not the type to go in there and ruffle feathers or say you're going to get a rid of a bunch. that's not intent. my intent is to evaluate what's best. if it's also about the federal mandate. >> reporter: it means had the
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the court appointed monitor. it's against arpiyo personal any but also the sheriff's office. when penzone is the sheriff, it's his problem too. >> and he officially take over the sheriff's office in january. william pits, 12 news. new tonight there's and anty trump protest right now in tempe. sky 12 was in the air as they chanted up and down. this is the th in protest of trump being eeducate willed the next president of the united states. >> america is pausing to honor the men and women who served in our armed forces. a patriotic tradition filled with bands and floats. this year's theme is welcome home vietnam heroes. which is highlighted by many
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veterans. prisoners of war, and those missing in action. and the celebrations continued in the east valley. the city of mesa also holding the veterans day parade today. >> real american heroes today wwii veterans living at mcdowell village were honored at special ceremony. we bring you a glimpse into amazing stories share. in southern france i carried a jeep and five men in. of course, it's a one way trip. there wasn't a lot of us. and sometimes we didn't. >> i was fortunate in all of my invasions. and just lucky. >> i was at the behind the scenes type. communications person in wwii
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service strategic intelligence officer in the korean war. >> we climbed up the gang way. climbed up to the bridge to the other man. we're here it tell you, you cannot go to cuba. if you try to go to crew -- cuba. we're going to try to sink you. until we were joined they were so many veterans here. and they were given so much and would do so again if called. because that's the kind of stuff we're made out of. >> just incred to believe hear their stories. we thank them for our service. and we want to thank all veterans for their service. we're celebrating all of our military members with pictures like this. make sure you send us pictures of the veteran in your life. we have received so many today. >> not often you hear a veteran
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crisis. that was really fascinating. so, use the #12 news. we'll be featuring your pictures. throughout the shows today. it's one of the most recognizable roads in america. and today, it's turning 90. route 66, spans the country and from its majestic views to wandering curves, it's been a favorite. and it makes a stop just a short time here. how some folks are celebrating the anniversary. >> sew, it's been iconic. people far and wide across the country, come and visit flag staff to experience flag staff. they will actual rent harleys and don the whole person and ride route 66 just to experience what it will be like back in february. >> route 66 is known all around the world and has a nostalgia to it.
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california. and one of the most jewel pieces is right near in flag staff. >> so we got the military order of the purple heart and bowling for vets. so we've got all kinds of food and beer. and we've got completive signs. so people are encourageed to come out, buy a completive glass. with the official l o, go. >> flag staff has some of the most beautiful scenery on route 66 and we also have a lot for them to do when they stop for a night unique, authentic restaurants. just to name a few. >> happy 90s birthday, you're looking good. >> and get ready for a light show. the lights leading up to monday promise one incredible super sized sky show. crystal henderson is live about more how we can see the big e super -- biggest super moon in
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>> well, the early monday morning super moon is sure to wow. but we've got a real crowd pleader each night. just look at view. we're already seeing tonight here from the gilbert rot re-- what makes it super is the close approach to the moon to the earth. and closest the moon has been to the earth since yap 1948. it's not a perfect circle. hi full moon of the year. the reason it's not a perfect cycle, there's a lot of title or gravitational forces pulling on the earth. whether you have the gravity of the earth or sun. and all of other planets. you have all of these different forces pulling and pushing on the moon. which give us these opportunities to give us these close passes. but also, it'll be about 30% brighter. and that's the kind of thing where you might look out at night and think did my neighbor
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that's actual the beautiful full moon shining down upon us. and why the moon really is important, is at this moon is, the corner stone. it's the rose it ta stone which we apply all of the other objects in the solar system. when we see those beautiful pictures from the spacecraft of pluto. we see these vast, smooth surface. we know they must be very young. because we have been to the moon, we have samples from the moon. so when we learn about the moon. we apply that understands. everywhere else in the solar system, including what's understanding happening here on earth. >> i'm told this is the crater gasendy they have blown up here for on the special screen they brought out just for our broadcast. so you can take a closer look. you can check out the super moon. but if you want to the see from this telescope's eye piece you can come check it out tonight,
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until 9:30. it's completely free to come out here to the gilbert rotary observatory. back to you. >> fantastic. thanks so much. >> very interesting. and it'll be a long time before we get a view like had a. coming up, a carjack suspect strikes again. >> and is your hot spot on the dirty list? >> and the temperatures starting to cool off out there. tonight's forecast nice. 71 degrees by 10:00. a huge warming trend coming into the forecast.
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headlines. u.s. senator john mccain and jeff flakes say much more need to be done for our veterans. >> and mccain and flake say the problems playing the v. a. health care system nationwide extend to southern arizona and are unacceptable. two reports released this week confirm allegations of weight time ma manipulation and mismanagement persist at the v. a. health care system. >> one of -- you [ inaudible ] >> and he jumped >> a suspect in several carjackings is behind bars. the first happened last movant? scottsdale -- month in scotts dale. scottsdale and then yesterday in tempe. that's when police say avalao still to a car at gunpoint. tonight he faces several charges. funeral services for the police officer killed in the line of duty early this week.
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death after responding to a call. he had a been with the department for ten years. and was set to retire in february. still ahead on 12 news at 6, slimy black, organic matter in the ice machine. is your favorite restaurant on the dirty list? >> plus, your incredible weekend weather forecast. >> and next in sports, it's really the only positive to take away out of utah. plus, we have golfing with goldy and i think we finally found something. america's first baseman isn't
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>> yes -- only on 12 news just in is your favorite restaurant on the dirty list? >> the thens the maricopa service department says are known to cause food born illness. now, ryan cody has a new dirty list. so you don't are the -- the eat at the your own risk. >> reporter: it sounds like a vintage horror film but it's actually a disturbing theme in
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county health inspections from just this last week and inspectors found slime at the several valley restaurants. brother's pizzaen o happy valley road had wet freezer handles coated in slime. and more in the pink brown substance in the ice machine and soda guns. people come to hooters for the -- wings -- a health inspector witnessed a worker handling raw chicken and celery without changes g gloves. issue glove -- gloves. >> what the health department wasn't keeping the restaurants honest? what if they weren't keeping slime out of your diet? you would have to eat at the your own risk.
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>> thanks. our next eat at the your own risk story is set for next thursday on 12 news a the 10. -- at 10. so is your favorite restaurant on the dirty list? here's how you can check it out. >> just go to and there you'll find like to the environmental services page and the folks that check out the restaurants. search by business or address. let us know. what's the worst thing you have seen or encountered while eating out. share your picks with us -- pictures with us share them with you tonight at 10. are you hungry? let's talk about the weather. 81 degrees now. we're seeing, it looks like the wind has died down a little bit. >> yeah. it's finally starting to wind down. it was windy. >> it was. >> but things will start to quiet down. but the temperatures, guess what? going up again. >> going back up. >> sad lay, they're going up. -- sadly, they're going up. kind of cook at home after that
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76 in tempe. 73 in bartlet lake. we set a record. the low temperature 66 degrees that now sets the warmest low temperature for the day. the old record was actually 64 back in 2009. so even the mornings have been unseasonably warm over the past couple of days. but look at this. here's a forecast for you. the forecast high temperature on tuesday in phoenix is 89 degrees. and we could easily make the 90-degree mark. that would tie the latest ever recorded 90-degree day in phoenix. so certainly a very warm period is moving back into our forecast. here's why. there's that low pressure center sitting just up in north mexico. that will quickly move off to north texas. and that'll allow high pressure to move right back over to northern arizona. that's why temperatures will move right back up. there we'll see a lot of
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but for us, high and dry conditions. get outside and enjoy the morning. 62 degrees out there. mostly sunny by 9:00. 69 degrees. warming up to 83 degrees. and we should be sitting at 77 for this time of year. so certainly, extremely warm out there. cooler weather, 59 at grand canyon on your saturday and sunday. the rest of the high country looking really nice as well. in fact, in the 60s and 70s coming in the upper 50s as well. but look at those overnight temperatures dropping to 31 degrees in flag staff both days. but here's a look at days. 84 on your sunday. 89 there on your tuesday. but the good new, temperatures dropping back down on thursday and friday to 74 degrees. >> from super bowl expectations to under dogs. the card also in find themselves in a new role heading into the their game
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49ers. basically it's must win from here on out. >> yeah. yeah. i don't think anybody is picking us to do anything right now. only thing i want them to pick us is to win one ball game. >> sounds good to me. >> kick off 225. highlights, the best post game reaction. right here at 12. hey, everyone is still talking about the play. if there's one positive in this season, it's asu has found their next great receive receiver. the -- receiver. the freshman turned this trick play into a touchdown. the former chandler wolf finished finished with a 145 total and the utmost expect from the head coach. >> that guy is a warrior. unbelievable. i mean, for a freshman. he's a guy that -- i mean, speed, physicality and finish. that's what that guy does every play. he's going to be a great one. >> asu has two games left to become bowl eligible.
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as we showed you at 5:00, hosting their annual celebrity golf classic to raise funds for the military. you know it's just fun. but some guys get really competitive. he's really good at a lot of things. but apparently, golf, isn't one of them. >> everybody probably thinks he's a very good golfer. he's average at best. but don't tell him i said that. >> i think i'm going to place my bets on goldy and he finds way to win so anybody that's going to talk trash about goldy. that's bad karma. >> the problem is going to all over the place. but like i said, it's not a big deal. you try to hit it hard. so i al i'll -- i'll see if i can get a few out there. then i'll be happy. >> hole number one. goes up to the tee. america's first baseman. lines it up. cool breeze from the back. and he pushed it way -- >> upper power.
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hole. >> all right. time for cameron's crazy. s tonight's edition, animals on the loose. in south africa, a heard of monogooses, i think. decided to cross. the ball didn't move whatsoever. then today, in new mexico, these fuzzy small creaturers called kiaogos followed golfers all afternoon long. >> they don't look like coyotes. >> it was apparently. >> interesting. >> the monogoeses, they are very respectful of rule, you don't touch that ball. they went all around it. but they left it alone. >> and we saw thecap bibars during the ri, olympics. -- rio olympics. wild america out there. >> you dent get as much here. you. coming up, quite the entrance for some navy seals.
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> veteran's tribute. four navy seals repelled down from the rafter tos. >> they howeverred to the ice, participated in a ceremonial face off. >> there's a lot of ways to honor our vet, and that's one of the best we have seen today. >> thank you for everyone everyone -- serving. >> thank you all for everyone everyone -- serving as well.
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eggen kelly's ploes i trump tell all. >> he called me up and threatened me. >> next on "extra." ? n sensational memoir to dr. phil from her secret behind the scenes battle with donald trump. >> he started screaming about me. >> to the truth about roger ailes and allegations of sexual harassment. and was she really poisoned just before the debate? then from oprah to eva. hillary's hollywood supporters speak out about the trump upset.
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change oprah's feelings. >> new reports, brad has dynamite tapes of angie that could ruin her chances of getting custody. do they or don't they exist. heartbreaking video, val kilmer slurring and struggling to speak. the truth about his health after denying michael douglas's claim he's battling cancer. celebrity d sleepover. >> i range the bell very late one night and annette benning was like hi, hello. we're celebrating our american heroes. >> extra extra. >> now on extra from universal studios hollywood, the sb trainment capital of l.a. and welcome to extra on this


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